Male fertility

The modern diagnostic approach of male infertility

Ανδρική Γονιμότητα

Sperm Cryopreservation

Semen freezing and cryopreservation is a laboratory procedure during which semen is stored at ultra low temperature conditions, in order to be kept for long periods and be used at a later time in assisted reproduction.

The progress of biomedical sciences offers now the possibility to protect male fertility potential from these negative perspectives by ‘freezing’ time. A way to secure a man’s possibility to procreate at any time in life he feels ready, is by Sperm Freezing and Cryopreservation.

Advanced Seminology Applications

The modern diagnostic approach of male infertility requires personalization and evidence-based applications. In addition to conventional sperm parameters (sperm count, concentration, sperm motility), the in-depth evaluation of sperm fertility potential is now supported by a series of laboratory tests.

Ανδρική Γονιμότητα

Therapeutic Semen Cryopreservation

This method is applied in cases of men who will be exposed to toxic environmental factors or submitted to surgical or other kind of medical treatments which may cause infertility.

Ανδρική Γονιμότητα

Preventive Sperm Banking

This procedure is applied mainly in cases of men of reproductive age who have not yet created or completed their families and belong to one of the following categories, in order to ensure their own biological offsprings.

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