why choose Cryogonia

  • All the scientific personnel working for CRYOGONIA are specialized, well experienced and accredited, with extensive work experience in the field of semen analysis and cryopreservation.
  • It offers the unique combination of applying internationally recognized scientific knowledge and technology, adapted to the needs and profile of a contemporary Greek Semen Bank.
  • All the laboratory processes comply with the international standards for quality management and a strict quality control system in collaboration with distinct scientific centers in Greece and Europe.
  • Our services adhere to the Greek legal requirements and the directives of well respected international scientific organizations.
  • In each step, we give absolute priority to the close collaboration with the consulting clinician, who leads and coordinates the reproductive procedure, with respect and loyalty in providing the best quality services.

The first accredited and licensed independent Greek sperm bank
of international standards
which collaborates with Greek sperm donors

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becoming a donor

Cryogonia Sperm Bank collaborates exclusively with donors of Greek descent. The selected sperm donors are young adult males, aged mainly between 19 and 35 years, with full legal transaction capacity.


becoming a recipient

The birth of a child is not always an easy procedure. For an infertile single woman without a partner, or a couple facing severe male infertility, predisposition for hereditary…


protecting my fertility

Today’s men face adverse conditions in everyday life that may threaten their fertility. Psychological stress, environmental pollution, working conditions, sedentary habits, obesity, unbalanced nutrition, smoking and …


Tv show interview “anadikse to”

Dr Lina Evgeni, Reproductive Biologist, Director of CRYOGONIA Sperm Bank

1ο Athens Science Festival


The role of semen quality in reproduction

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CRYOGONIA Sperm Bank is a specialized private scientific unit offering services in Cryobiology, as applied in Male Infertility. Our expertise involves freezing, cryopreservation and procurement of human semen for autologous or heterologous use.


All functional processes of CRYOGONIA are guided by reliability and high quality. We follow the recommendations of international scientific organizations and societies (ESHRE, W.H.O.), as well as the principles of a strict Quality Assurance System (EN 15224:2012), with participation in Internal and External Quality Control Schemes.


Specialized scientists, educated and experienced in semen analysis and cryopreservation, certified by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), make up the scientific team of CRYOGONIA Sperm Bank. We are guided by professionalism, sense of responsibility and sensitivity in every process that will respond to the needs of every person requiring our services.

Advanced seminology applications

The modern diagnostic approach of male infertility requires personalization and evidence-based applications.

In addition to conventional sperm parameters (sperm count, concentration, sperm motility), the in-depth evaluation of sperm fertility potential is now supported by …