Become a donor

Offer the possibility of creating a new life

Like saving a life, you help creating a new life and a happy family

Practically, being a sperm donor means helping a couple or a woman start a family and experience the unique feeling of motherhood and fatherhood.

Being a donor means overcoming a dead end and giving hope.

With small steps and everyday actions you share your life. But you are also able to share it in a deeply meaningful way, giving the opportunity to create a whole, independent life.

If you realize the social impact of becoming a donor and you are willing to contribute, then we are looking forward to meet you.

The requirements you need to know

If you are young, healthy and want to make a difference with your actions, you can make a positive contribution towards the solution of a major social problem. The process is simple and has multiple benefits for the donor who will become a member of Cryogonia’s donation program.

The procedure Step By Step

Initial testing

Initial testing period requiring 3-5 visits which is completed in about 2 months.

Collection of samples

Collection of samples intended for donation

Repeat testing

Repeat testing every 3 months

Completion of the program

Completion of the program with repeat testing 3 and 6 months after the final sample collection

Γίνε Λήπτης

Selection procedure of candidate donors

All candidate sperm donors are submitted to strict and detailed screening, including the following:

Donor Benefits

The process is simple and has multiple benefits for the candidate donor.


Free selected sperm and hematological laboratory tests during participation in the program, specialized genetic tests, freezing and 5-year cryopreservation of a semen sample collected after the donor’s participation in the program and stored for personal use



Ethical satisfaction for an act of substantial assistance and social contribution


Financial compensation for the costs of participation in the program (according to law 3305/2005)

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