Preventive Sperm Banking

Protecting your fertility against time

Ensure the ability to create your own offspring

Today’s men face adverse conditions in everyday life that may threaten their fertility.

Προληπτική Διατήρηση Γονιμότητας

Psychological stress, environmental pollution, working conditions, sedentary habits, obesity, unbalanced nutrition, smoking and increased alcohol consumption, are some of the possible reasons that may provoke a gradual deterioration in semen quality. This effect increases with time and is further enhanced by age.

This is very important, as today the majority of men in reproductive age postpone their plans to have a family later in life, compared to past generations. The progress of biomedical sciences offers now the possibility to protect male fertility potential from these negative perspectives by ‘freezing’ time.

In which cases is preventive sperm freezing and cryopreservation applicable

This procedure is applied mainly in cases of men of reproductive age who have not yet created or completed their families and specifically:


If you belong to one of the above mentioned categories, you should seriously consider the possibility of applying this method. We hope we have helped you in your choice by providing information about reasonable questions about the process.

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