Choosing the right donor


Being a mother or a father is a rightful choice of every person who desires it

We are here to contribute in our way with professionalism, discretion and confidentiality to the creation of your own family. Contact us and make an appointment to inform you in detail about the required actions and also to discuss any questions and thoughts you may have.

Quality Assurance

The processes performed in CRYOGONIA comply with the strict standards of a comprehensive Quality Management System, based on the specifications of the international certification standard EN 15224:2017 and EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as the Greek legal requirements.

Διαδικασία Λήψης

The first step

In a private meeting the scientific experts of CRYOGONIA describe all the steps of the procedure and discuss with you all your questions. Additionally, the phenotypic characteristics and all other type of information that will facilitate the selection of the most appropriate donor are recorded.

Following your doctor’s advice regarding the time frame of the assisted reproductive procedure, contact CRYOGONIA in order to schedule the procedure.

Donor screening

Introductory Interview

In an initial private meeting with the scientific personnel of CRYOGONIA, the candidates are informed in detail about the steps of the procedure, the obligations and responsibilities they undertake, in case they are selected to participate in the sperm donation program. They answer questions regarding their personal and family profile, as well as the reasons that motivated them to express their interest to join the program.

Questionnaire – Informed consent

The candidate donors are asked to complete an extended, multipage questionnaire, which requests details about their personal and family history, including social, medical, reproductive, sexual, psychological data. Furthermore, they submit their written, informed consent for their voluntary participation in the sperm donation program, declaring the truth and accuracy of the information they provide and also their commitment to collaborate exclusively with CRYOGONIA’s sperm donation program.

History / andrological evaluation

The candidate donors are submitted to a physical examination by an urologist and an additional history taking, in order to evaluate their eligibility to join the program.

Psychological evaluation

Based on history and specialized psychometric tests, a psychology specialist evaluates the candidates regarding the presence of indications of psychopathology and hereditary factors that would possibly reinforce the genetic predisposition for psychiatric disease.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing of prospective donors includes multiple spermatological and haematological tests.

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