Our Bank

A model Cryopreservation Bank brings for the first time European standards to Greece

Cutting-edge Technology

In CRYOGONIA, we apply the recommendations of international scientific bodies (WHO, ESHRE) regarding the methodology of semen evaluation and cryopreservation, in order to ensure the accurate evaluation and optimal preservation of the quality of the valuable samples that we handle. For this purpose, the most modern technological infrastructure is selected, including specialized equipment of state-of-the-Art technology.


Technologically advanced equipment

Microscopy system

Plain and phase contrast microscopy system as well as high magnification to provide more accurate observation of the subtle morphological characteristics of the spermatozoa



State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technological devices for evaluating the functional parameters of sperm



Secure cryostraws

Secure cryostraws certified for the safe freezing and cryopreservation of samples



Multiple cryopreservation tanks

Multiple storage cryotanks for ensuring the distribution of frozen cryostraws in different containers during cryopreservation and the safe traceability management of the samples


Automated monitoring systems

Automated 24-hour temperature monitoring systems in the sample storage tanks, with remote alarm coverage, to ensure that stable conditions are maintained while the samples are kept at the deep freezing state

Oxygen content detection system

Oxygen content detection system installed in the cryobank area for the safety of the laboratory personnel

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Location and access

CRYOGONIA Sperm Bank is located in a central part of Athens, in the area of ​​Ambelokipi, near Kifisias and Mesogeion avenues and at a distance of 15 minutes from the metro station ‘Ambelokipi’.

Our new offices operate since 2017 in a modern, pleasant and friendly space, designed to welcome guests with discretion and comfort. The laboratory premises comprise state-of-the-art equipment, as required by the quality assurance system for the accurate performance of laboratory procedures.