Creating Families

Through the accumulation of scientific knowledge and many years of experience in the field of Reproductive Biology, Cryogonia was founded in 2012. An autonomous, specialized unit for freezing, cryopreservation and advanced applications in the laboratory management of male infertility.

Its mission is to contribute to the creation of families, through the provision of high level services, based on the integration of modern scientific knowledge in daily laboratory practice. Our vision is to make an active contribution to improving the conditions that will allow more and more people to experience the joy of having a child. Cryogonia came to help them make their dream come true.

The way to the future is that of scientific development, to which we walk steadily and with determination. It will be a great honour and joy for all the people of Cryogonia to share this journey with you.

Our vision

… is creation and evolution: in close alignment with social and scientific developments, our aim is:

Preventive Fertility Preservation

Cryogonia provides sperm freezing and cryopreservation services for homologous use to the following cases:

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Γίνε Λήπτης

Sperm Donation

CRYOGONIA is the leading Greek Cryopreservation Bank, operating in the field of freezing, cryopreservation and provision of sperm provided by anonymous donors, incorporating the most complete screening of donors and samples in Greece.

Sperm donation can constitute the way to parenthood for infertile women without a partner or for couples experiencing major male infertility, predisposition to hereditary diseases or repeated failure in assisted reproduction attempts.

Milestones for Cryogonia


Cryogonia is founded as the first Greek Cryopreservation Bank of international standards


Certification EN ISO 9001: 2008 – certification of quality assurance system application for good laboratory practice


Certification EN 15224: 2012 – certification based on an advanced quality standard for all procedures applied at the Cryopreservation Bank


Approval of operating license by the National Authority of Assisted Reproduction (1st licensed independent Cryopreservation Bank in Greece)


Obtaining a license to distribute genetic material within the EU


Entry in the register of EU Tissue and Cell Institutions


Relocation to new offices with modern technological equipment


Certification EN ISO 9001: 2015 – certification for application of best practices of laboratory operation and conducting scientific work


Certification EN 15224: 2017 – update of quality certification for optimal operation and security in the Cryobank’s processes


Contribution to the WHO 2021 reference limits with data from a scientific study in the Greek population


In CRYOGONIA, people are our priority.

Lina Evgeni