Laboratory tests for sperm donation


Laboratory testing

The process is simple and has multiple benefits for the donor who will become a member of Cryogonia’s donation program.

All candidate sperm donors are submitted to strict and detailed screening, which includes multiple spermatological and haematological tests.

All laboratory tests are performed free of charge for the donors.



Only the candidates whose semen quality exceeds the reference values of internationally recognized methodologies are selected for freezing.
Due to the seasonal variations observed in semen, it is possible that a candidate donor is asked to deliver 2 or 3 control samples, in order to certify whether his semen quality meets the selection criteria.

There is also a possibility that neat semen of good quality might not be adequately recovered post thaw. Since sperm donation requires only frozen semen, the selection obviously includes only samples that produce good recovery of motile spermatozoa after thawing.

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