Benefits - Social impact

Sperm donation is an act of generosity and social contribution

Offer the possibility of creating a new life

Like blood donation or organ donation, sperm donation offers the possibility of creating a new life. The contribution of donors to this process is very significant. Without them, a lifetime dream which brings the greatest happiness, the experience of motherhood and fatherhood, could not come true. Sperm donors are special people who, by their offering, contribute to the solution of an important problem of modern society: infertility.

Infertility, as a causative factor of low birth rates, is an international problem linked to the rapid aging of worldwide populations. Sperm donation can be a solution to this problem for infertile women without a partner or couples experiencing male infertility, who have repeatedly failed in assisted reproduction attempts. The process is simple and has multiple benefits.

If you are young, healthy and want to make a difference with your actions, you can make a positive contribution towards the solution of a major social problem.



Free sperm cryopreservation as a precautionary action to preserve own fertility for the future



Free selected sperm and hematological laboratory tests during participation in the program, specialized genetic tests



Ethical satisfaction for an act of substantial assistance and social contribution


Financial compensation for the costs of participation in the program (according to law 3305/2005)

Participation in the sperm donation program is voluntary and is not remunerated (article 8 of law 3305/2005). Sperm donors are reimbursed only for the expenses related to the travel expenses and any positive damage for their presence in the Sperm Bank in order to collect the samples.

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